Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Guest Policy?

Each member's guest will have to pay for a day pass or get a seven day free trial if they are a local resident. Guests are only allowed during staffed hours. Members who bring in unauthorized guests will be subject to a $50 security breach fee, and will be subject to termination with the remainder of the balance on their contract due immediately.


Are Day-Passes available?

Yes. Our Day-Passes cost $5. 


How does the 7-Days Free Trial work?

In order to be eligible for the 7-Days Free Trial you have to be at least 16 years of age, have a valid Michigan ID, and have never been a member of the club before.


We have two options for the trial:


What's an 'Add-On' membership & how does it work?

An 'Add-On' is individual you add on to your contract. ​This is how it works:


Let's say you are looking at a 6-Month Contract - your monthly rate would be $30. If you wanted to add a member on to your contract (e.g., husband, wife, best friend, coworker), your monthly rate would be $50 -- your $30 + their $20. As the Main Member you would be responsible for that $50 monthly rate. The payment comes out of one account and cannot be divided into two separate payment methods.


Main Member contracts and Add-Ons need to be established at the same time, and for the same length of time. That is, you cannot attempt to Add-On a member in October if your membership ends in November without extending your contract. 




What are my payment options?


EFT Secure Bank Drafting -- Provide us with your bank account and routing number and your payment comes out automatically on the first of the month at no extra cost.


Credit or Debit Card -- For a $2 per month processing charge we will accept membership payments via Credit or Debit cards. 


In-House Payments -- A $3 per month service charge is added to members who prefer to pay at the club. In-House members have until the 3rd of every month to come in an pay their membership without a penalty. 


A $5.00 late fee will be added to all non-paid membership dues on the 4th of each month. Access to the facility will also be restricted. In the case that a payment is declined, members will be held responsible for all NSF charges. 


I'm going out of town. Do I have to pay for the months I don't use the gym?

Any member may freeze their agreement for up to 3 months annually. You will not be charged standard dues, but there will be a $5 processing charge for each frozen month, and each frozen month will add 1 month to the length of your contract. Notice needs to be given by the 25th of the month before the freeze is to take affect. 


If you do not notify us, you are responsible for the full amount of your monthly dues. No credits will be issued. No cash refunds will be given at any time. 


How do I cancel?

All memberships require 30 day written notice to cancel.​ Cancellations in term will only be granted with proof of relocation and/or medical release. 


Unless you cancel your membership, it will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis. You are obligated to pay monthly dues regardless of whether you use the club until 30 days after the club has received written notice of your cancellation request. Notice needs to be given by the 1st to terminate membership that month; otherwise you will incur another month's charge unless you prepaid your last month's dues at the time you joined.


All early cancellations will incur a $50 early termination fee.